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Our Patient Participation Group, Patient Link. They are an active group who care about the practice and the community. They raise relevant issues and offer sound suggestions. The feedback they gather helps the surgery to constantly look at areas for improvement.

They help the Doctors and Practice Manager understand how the patients feel about the services the practice offers. They raise concerns if certain areas aren’t working as well as they should be. They also offer suggestions as to what new services or ways of working the patients would like to have available to them at the surgery.

With their help we worked towards three targets this last year and will continue to do so over the coming year:

Review of patient feedback

Information on the website

The group meets formally every six months.  There are times when they offer help for specific events such as practice inspections.

The group works to help the surgery, and by doing so, the patients. If you would like to be involved and join the group, please contact the Practice Manager, Alpna Chavda.

We are always happy to welcome new people to the team. We are especially interested in parents with young children, carers, commuters and those with learning disabilities. We are also hopeful that if you feel you are not represented by the patient group because of your culture or ethnicity you will step forward and join us and fill that gap.

Join our Patient Practice Group

Click here to view our archived Patient Participation Group reports and information

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